Named in honour of the Queensland town Bundaberg, where Italian marble was used to construct a war memorial ‘Digger’ statue. This off-white beauty is often found brightening up decorative landscaping foot trafficked areas – pathways, pools and patios.

Bundaberg’s uniform white drives discipline and order, particularly when contrast against modern boldly clad homes. Similarly Bundaberg complements the creams and yellows in surrounding sandstone retaining walls.

Its brilliance and high reflectivity makes it prefect for pool surrounds. The smaller, rounded 3mm blend channels pristine white beach sand, is soft to walk on and imparts a cooling effect that extends the hours of the day the paving is suitable for bare feet.

Where whitest-of-white stone is not suitable for outdoor paving, Bundaberg’s off-white profile marries the pristine with the practical.

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