How Does Porous Paving Work?

Porous paving, also called green paving, has become more and more in demand over the years. While calling something green is a gesture, that it’s good for the environment, that doesn’t guarantee that people really understand what it does, or why it’s a positive influence. So if you’ve been thinking about installing porous paving, here’s a simple explanation of why it’s good for you, and for the earth.


Why Porous Paving Is Great For Your Pathways

Pathways are a big part of a landscape. They are generally the most visible part, and they reflect the care and consideration people have put into the garden. If you have a dull pathway that is cracking and prone to puddles, it appears that everything else, will also look rundown.

When you are looking at putting a pathway in your property, it is important to pick your surfaces carefully. You might, for one thing, consider porous paving.


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Swimming pools are a great addition to homes. Not only do they provide fun and a healthy entertainment for the whole family, but they also add great value to the home.


5 reasons why porous paving is the greener choice

Porous paving is widely used across Europe and is becoming more prominent in New Zealand and Australia and here is why: (more…)

Why Isn’t Porous Paving The Norm?

technology developed in the 1800s, Porus Paving is FINALLY beginning to see some exposure and major use across New Zealand and Australia.

Porus paving is characteristically concrete, but without the fine sand and particulate matter that usually fills in the gaps to make it completely solid. This results in a smooth, paved surface that resembles gravel. It also allows water to completely drain through it to the soil below. Even better, the porous paving captures pollutants like oil and chemical runoff, making sure those things don’t make it into the soil and damage the environment.


What Are The Financial Benefits of Porous Paving?

Are you looking for a solution to your paving needs with a cleaner and greener twist? Let us introduce you to porous paving!


Porous Paving: Applications for Your Business or home

What does your driveway, carpark walkways and tennis courts all have in common? Many of them do not adequately allow water to return to the ground, allowing the water to pool.

Why You Should Consider Porous Paving Applications

Stoneset is committed to providing better paving solutions for the safety of our environment.

Our environmental practices have led us to develop a wide range of Porus Paving applications for our clients. These applications maintain the reliability of your paved pathway, driveway or road by allowing water to absorb into the ground without compromising the practicality of your application.


3 Environmental Benefits of Porous Paving

Porous paving has been with us for decades and surprisingly, is a somewhat simple design. In recent years, the popularity of Porus Paving has started to expand. Why?

Intrigue around the impact we have on the environment, has raised lots of questions about how we can minimise, the impact our paving projects are having to our homes and environment, porous paving is often the answer we’ve been looking for.

What makes porous paving so special? Well…


The immediate advantage for porous paving is that its absorptive nature allows water to drain straight through it. This allows water to follow its natural course, instead of pooling and puddling along the paving. Therefore helping to avoid flooding, and it keeps the local water table from being displaced.

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For dealing with storm water, Porous paving is like a one-stop shop as it allows the water to drain naturally. The need to build gutters is negated, as are extended drainage systems. In turn this means less area has to be paved, leaving it in its natural state. This means nominal impact on the environment.

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Our product actually takes fewer materials to make than its more traditional counterparts (both for asphalt and for concrete). Without the filler that would normally be in the paving, there’s less strain on the environment when it comes to harvesting and manufacturing. Not only that, but porous paving can be recycled and remade when it does finally reach the end of its life, making it quite an environmentally friendly product.

fewer materials

Using fewer materials to make than its more traditional counterparts, (both for asphalt and for concrete) is a key benefit to the environment. In normal paving, there is an additional filler used, as this is not required in our product, there’s less strain on the environment when it comes to collecting and manufacturing. Not only that, but porous paving can be recycled and remade when it does finally reach the end of its life, making it quite an environmentally friendly product.

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