Versatile, functional and environmentally friendly. Resin bound stone is the perfect solution to create fully permeable paving or cost effective concrete resurfacing.

What Are The Financial Benefits of Porous Paving?

Are you looking for a solution to your paving needs with a cleaner and greener twist? Let us introduce you to porous paving! (more…)

Porous Paving: Applications for Your Business or home

What does your driveway, carpark walkways and tennis courts all have in common? Many of them do not adequately allow water to return to the ground, allowing the water to pool. (more…)

Why You Should Consider Porous Paving Applications

Stoneset is committed to providing better paving solutions for the safety of our environment. Our environmental practices have led us to develop a wide range of Porus Paving applications for our clients. These applications maintain the reliability of your paved pathway, driveway or road by allowing water to absorb into the ground without compromising the practicality of your application. (more…)

3 Environmental Benefits of Porous Paving

Porous paving has been with us for decades and surprisingly, is a somewhat simple design. In recent years, the popularity of Porus Paving has started to expand. Why? Intrigue around the impact we have on the environment, has raised lots of questions about how we can minimise, the impact our paving projects are having to our homes and environment, porous paving is often the answer we’ve been looking for. What makes porous paving so special?...

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