Technical Advice

Technical Advice

We understand resin and we have researched the very best stone sources from around New Zealand. To be sure to get StoneSet with a 10 year guarantee make sure you have specified:

Resin bound surface course consisting of aggregate particles, fully coated with chemically curing, UV stable flexible, crystal clear resin. The resin must be a polyurethane blend to ensure strength and flexibility, unique to StoneSet.

The resin and stone should be blended as per the StoneSet guide to ensure full coating of the stone whilst maintaining porosity.

The finish should be screeded to levels and trowel finished by StoneSet or an approved installer.

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StoneSet resin is UV stable making it the most suitable for long life and sustained colour. Flexible and strong, our unique blend allows for flexibility which, is crucial when laying StoneSet around tree roots and when overlaying concrete.

The StoneSet resin is strong enough to hold the stone particles in place while maintaining optimum void content to allow for permeability. The resin does not soften in hot weather nor does it crack or lift in freezing temperatures.



StoneSet can be designed to meet all slip resistance standards. We can guide you to a StoneSet mix which will suit each application. For example, for a steep slope we would recommend using a crushed rock, which has a great long-lasting slip resistance.

We incorporate sand into the mix, which not only improves strength, appearance and ease of laying, but it provides an instant slip resistance and takes that immediate shine off the surface. We cast glass dust or sand over the curing surface to provide an instant anti-slip finish.



We always ensure the optimum resin content for the aggregate blend and expected traffic, specific to each project. Binder content is key – too much resin makes the permeability suffer and handling is difficult. Too little resin results in diminished strength, flexibility, and durability.

Particles of aggregate can work loose if insufficient resin is used. We have this covered by sending pre- weighed and batched materials to site so the ratio is always perfect.

Cracking Flex


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StoneSet’s wide range of colours and textures enable you to have freedom to design and create in your paving. To ensure your chosen colour is used, identify the name and product code on the back of the product sample and specify.



Logos, numbers, letters, art work and more… There is no limit to the design possibilities with StoneSet paving. The designs are either created using a template or a permanent edge detail, depending on the design. Call us to discuss any ideas and we can advise how best to re-create the design in your paving.