Car Parks


We have extensive experience with applying StoneSet in public car parks, often due to tree protection orders. Similarly to reduce impact of hard surfaces on the water table.

Overlaying a fully porous base made from no fines concrete or cellular grids give you the loading bearing strength to handle a typical busy apartment or shopping centre car park.

Car park application – StoneSet heavy traffic

If you have a large asphalt or concrete car park and are looking for the best way to resurface, StoneSet is one of the most cost effective driveway overlay products.

So long as your existing surface is sound without any moving cracks, then StoneSet is a highly effective product to complete transform your car park. Particularly given the costs of removing existing concrete to landfill.

Because StoneSet permeable paving can be overlaid at as thin as 16mm, the costs is less than other concrete resurfacing aggregate options.