Colour Matching Driveway


Colour Matching Driveway

The driveway is like the welcome mat to your home, why put up with unsightly cracked concrete driveways, old stencil driveways or loose pebble crete and pebble pave options.

Resurfacing concrete driveways has never been so creative. Our client was not only looking for the best way to resurface concrete but make a statement of sophistication, class and individuality.


Your home is your castle and the driveway should be as beautiful as your home.

StoneSet have completed a number of permeable driveways with more modest tones and colours, straight line borders and edging to frame the driveway and make it unique.

Choose your colour patterns too – with at least 10 colours of stone available.

Feedback from our client was the driveway also increased the house value due as most new StoneSet driveways can do.

Because StoneSet can be used internally and externally, around pools, driveways, pathways, foyers and entries, it’s the perfect way to unify the look of your house from the street and for yourself.

StoneSet’s high quality flexible polyurethane resin binds natural stone or recycled glass at the contact points leaving natural voids between stones for a porous result that allows rain or irrigation water and air to pass through to the earth below.

The hardened surface resists slips for safety and compliments any home’s architecture and provides a durable surface to match the look of your home.