New Build Driveways


Clean lines and modern stone colours make StoneSet perfect for new homes. 

See our tips, for the best result. 

Considering StoneSet for that perfect finish to your new build driveway? Planning your build and allowing for the product is simple!

Unless you are required by council to install a more expensive, fully porous driveway, newly constructed properties will need an existing concrete surface on which to install the StoneSet topping.

Builders may have factored in costs for pouring a new concrete driveway. Typically, New Zealand standards require concrete driveways to be 25MPA.

This solid concrete base is exactly what’s required for StoneSet to install and back it up with a 10 year Guarantee on performance. 

StoneSet never leaves you with edges or gaps and potential trip hazards. We work closely with builders on new build projects to ensure the correct provisions are made to give you that perfectly flush finish that will last for decades!

In the Video below we talk with Elie, home owner and architectural draftsman who chose StoneSet to create the ideal finish to a driveway for his own New Build home in Sydney.